Lavanda’s Reflections On Optech 2023

Lavanda had a brilliant time at the 2023 OPTECH Conference. Click here to see what we worked on...
Sam, Greg, and Ben standing in front of the NMHC Optech Stand

For the Lavanda team, the OPTECH Conference in Las Vegas, was an invaluable opportunity to engage with customers, share insights, and learn from industry leaders about the evolving landscape of multifamily short-term flexible rentals.


Industry Perspectives on Short-Term Flexible Rentals

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A key event for our team was the panel discussion on short-term rentals, featuring insights from Brian Soss of Starwood Capital. The panel provided an inspiring view of the transformation within the STR space, highlighting the shift from traditional corporatehousing to dynamic lease arbitrage models. This evolution reflects a broader trend within the multifamily industry toward strategic flexibility and revenue diversification. They praised these contemporary strategies that better align with ever increasing market fluidity, concepts that are at the core of Lavanda’s mission.


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Lavanda’s Role in Shaping Multifamily Strategies





Throughout the conference, the Lavanda team was actively involved in conversations regarding integration of short-term flexible rentals into multifamily property management. By participating in these discussions, we were able to demonstrate our commitment to delivering solutions that respond to market demands and drive operational efficiency.




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Networking and Relationship-Building at Lavanda’s Steak and Wine Evening




Beyond the conference sessions, Lavanda hosted an exclusive Steak and Wine evening at Barry’s Downtown Prime. We value the opportunity to bring together professionals from the multifamily industry including guests from Airbnb, Starwood Capital, Sentral, Greystar, EQR and Multifamily Insider to share insights, exchange ideas, and build connections.The evening gathering at Optech was a great example of this, with lively discussions all around. Such gatherings are crucial for building relationships and fostering a sense of community within the multifamily space.



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