Short Stays


Stabilise assets up to 50% faster whilst attracting higher-yielding long-term tenants. Our lease-up solution is designed to perform.

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The solution de-risks a critical phase in the lifecycle of an asset, creating the best platform to drive higher rents over the long term.

A PMS designed to drive revenue

Lavanda’s lease-up solution is designed to accelerate stabilisation and optimise long-term asset performance. By maximising NOI from Day 1, we take the heat out of this critical phase in the asset’s life cycle, buying property managers the time you need to attract premium residents and avoid rent negotiations that erode long-term value.

For larger developments in supply-heavy markets, our solution ensures you avoid the pitfall of becoming an uninhabited ghost town. We also provide early tenants with the ability to rent on a flexible basis before committing to a long-term lease (try before you buy).

Capitalise on short-stay demand

Lavanda enables you to leverage short-stay and corporate rental demand during the lease-up phase, profiting from the higher rates paid by these renters. Within Lavanda property management software, you can easily collect rent, manage bookings, assist residents, measure performance and run all your day-to-day building operations.

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