Realise the full value of your multifamily portfolio

Lavanda’s award-winning technology and services support many of the world’s leading multifamily operators. Our solutions drive incremental NOI by capitalising on growing short-mid stay demand,  attracting more residents, optimising distribution channels and streamlining operations across your portfolio.

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Solutions for the modern resident experience

Lavanda understands the preferences and demands of short-mid stay residents and travellers, these stays have become the norm across residential portfolios, and many operators are now offering flexibility and convenience to those who value the freedom to explore living in different locations. Our customised solutions allow you to fully embrace shorter leases as part of your rental strategy.

Flexibility for operators

Optimise NOI from multifamily assets across your portfolio by opening them up to meet short and medium-term rental demand.

Maximise occupancy & NOI

Optimise performance by offering residents a broader range of short, medium and long-term rental options. Lead with flexibility and convenience, putting your customer’s needs at the heart of your proposition.

Monetise vacant units

In an uncertain market, you need to stay agile. Lavanda enables you to effortlessly monetise voids in your calendar as they appear, occupying them with high-yielding short or medium-term guests and corporate travellers.

Strengthen revenue potential

Elevate your property’s revenue potential by prioritising flexibility, convenience, and a versatile array of rental options that cater to diverse resident needs.

Leveraging short-stays during lease-up

Adopting short stays during the lease-up phase of a building can accelerate occupancy rates, generate immediate cash flow, and create opportunities for potential long-term tenants to experience the property firsthand.

In-house or outsourced

Or a mix of both. Whatever your business needs.

Lavanda is a flexible web-based Property Management Software that provides solutions to your challenges, whatever they may be. 

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Property management solution

Our award-winning property management software provides you with the features and functionality that you need to scale a best-in-class multifamily operation.

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Short-stay operational support

Lavanda provides ongoing operational support for your multifamily short stay strategies to maximise portfolio performance. 

Features & benefits

Lavanda is a powerful, fully integrated platform that transforms all aspects of property management for multifamily operations and much more.

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Maximise yield

Capitalise on seasonal demand, optimising occupancy and earnings with a flexible blend of short, medium and long-term residents.             

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Optimise distribution

Power your own website with live pricing and availability while also marketing inventory across relevant 3rd party platforms.                         

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Trust & safety

Protect your community by ensuring all residents and guests complete robust, customisable vetting procedures, irrespective of the channel they book through.

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Software integrations

Extend Lavanda’s core capabilities from a range of powerful integrations with market-leading 3rd party software and data platforms.

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Smart automation

Customise and automate core workflows to ensure you delight residents with a consistent and seamless experience whilst driving down costs.

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Analytics & insights

Our integrated analytics engine powers actionable, real-time insight into portfolio performance – or connect to third-party tools like Tableau or Microsoft Power BI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multifamily property management software is a specialised software solution designed to streamline and automate various tasks involved in managing multifamily properties. Property managers of multifamily properties encounter unique challenges such as managing the scale and complexity of lease agreements, maintenance requests, and tenant interactions, high turnover rates, frequent and complex property maintenance and repair requests, and community management. Accordingly, multifamily property management software provides property managers with tools and features to efficiently handle lease management, rent collection, maintenance requests, tenant communication, financial reporting, and other essential aspects of property management.

Absolutely. While our property management software offers essential features for managing multifamily properties, the solution can also be adapted for operators with real estate portfolios of student accommodation, co-living, or serviced apartments. With different features and benefits for each type of property owner, our flexible property management software empowers operators to get the best results from their property portfolios.

Yes, Lavanda's software enables tenants to submit maintenance requests online through the tenant portal, and multifamily property managers can track and prioritise them efficiently. The property management solution streamlines communication with tenants, assigns tasks to maintenance staff, and ensures prompt resolution of maintenance issues. Whether you have just a few or many multifamily homes in your real estate portfolio, ensuring swift and effective workflows for maintenance requests is essential for a great tenant experience and long-term real estate success.

Lavanda's multifamily property management software automates lease management processes, including lease generation, tracking lease terms, and managing lease renewals. It simplifies administrative tasks and ensures timely lease administration.

Yes, Lavanda's multifamily property management software provides insights into occupancy rates, vacancies, and leasing trends. It helps property managers analyse data to make informed decisions and implement strategies to optimise occupancy rates in their multifamily properties. You may also be interested in our short stays solution, allowing you to effectively fill void units with high-value corporate guests, holiday rentals, or short-term renters in the lease-up phase or all year round. With Lavanda's support for short term stays, you can maximise revenue from your real estate portfolio.

Choosing cloud-based property management software offers several advantages for property managers. Here are some key reasons to consider:

  • Accessibility and convenience: Cloud-based property management solutions can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Property managers can conveniently log in to the software from their preferred devices, whether it's a computer, laptop, or mobile device, enabling them to manage their properties on the go.
  • Data security and reliability: Cloud-based solutions offer robust security measures to protect sensitive data. 
  • Scalability and flexibility: Cloud-based property management solutions can scale with your business as it grows. Whether you're a landlord managing a small portfolio or an operator with a large number of rental properties in your portfolio, the cloud infrastructure allows for seamless expansion. 
  • Real-time data and insights: Cloud-based property management solutions offer real-time data and analytics capabilities. Property managers can access up-to-date information on occupancy rates, rent collections, maintenance requests, and financial performance. This empowers data-driven decision-making and enables proactive property management.

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