Flexible living

Putting Flexibility at the Heart of your Residential Community

Flexible living is key to engaging today’s renter, resulting in higher occupancy, incremental revenues, and enhanced asset utilisation. More than just a trend, flexible living reflects the changing real estate market.

What is Flexible Living?

Flexible living (or “Flex”) is a term increasingly used within residential real estate and generally applied to institutionally-owned apartment buildings to infer some or all of the following:

Flexibility of product
& experience

As people increasingly value flexibility and convenience in their everyday lives, so too have renters come to expect this of their accommodation options.

Choose to rent your apartment by the day, week, month or year. Furnished or unfurnished? What floor would you like to live on, or what amenities would you like to have access to?

Offering customer choice, and giving renters the ability to customise your product to their needs, is proven to attract and convert more renters whilst maximising the asset value.

Features & benefits

Lavanda PMS helps you provide flexible periods including by the day, week, month, and year, catering to a range of people with different lifestyles and preferences. 

Whether potential tenants want a fully-furnished kitchen and bedroom or prefer a space they can make their own, Lavanda PMS helps you match people with the right rooms.

The flexible living solution makes it easy to match potential tenants with the areas in the building where they’d most like to live, offering a flexible and customisable choice. 

Depending on the different amenities you want to offer tenants and short-term guests throughout their stays, Lavanda’s all-in-one software can help manage the offerings you provide. 

Lavanda’s powerful integrated CMS offers customisable digital tools for bookings, tenant communications, and more, informing your business with real-time analytics and support.

At a more granular level, it’s increasingly a best practice to lease units as some combination of short, medium and long-term stays.

The asset’s exposure to short, medium or long-term rental demand can then be dialled up or down at will, allowing it to “flex” in response to fluctuations in the market.

This gives the operator the ability to realise incremental NOI gains from higher-yielding, shorter-term rentals in return for offering greater flexibility to renters seeking shorter tenures. At the same time, the asset becomes significantly more agile and less reliant on a single channel of rental demand. 

Whether you’re in the lease-up phase looking for short term renters to drive revenue while you attract high-value future tenants or are looking to boost occupancy of void spaces during the university holidays, Lavanda’s flexible short term rentals can help.

Serviced apartments or corporate rentals for individuals travelling to the city your property is located for work or lifestyle are supported by Lavanda’s software.

Lavanda helps property managers secure high value long term rentals to complement flexible leasing options, helping future proof your business against market changes.

Flexibility of leasing

Flexibility of use

There’s an emerging class of residential assets designed from the outset to offer some combination of multifamily, co-living, serviced apartment and/or student accommodation within a single, blended community.

Investors and asset managers increasingly favour this blended strategy as it makes for a more diversified asset that’s able to “flex” in response to unforeseen fluctuations in rental demand.

The result is a more resilient, all-weather asset. Consequently, some element of “flex” within the strategy is generally considered a must-have, particularly for larger assets.

Maximise occupancy and NOI from multifamily living. Lease up new buildings and monetise vacant units.

Build a strong community with powerful workflow automations and real-time support. Enjoy a high-performing student housing portfolio with single bedrooms and rooms with kitchens and communal areas rented flexibly.

Optimise co-living with seamless tenant communications, effortless vetting, and secure features that help you provide the best offering for the community.

Manage all aspects of guest experience and booking with real-time analytics and powerful marketing to target the lucrative trend of remote workers and digital nomads. 

Your Flexible Living Partner

Lavanda’s flexible living solutions enable you to build resilient portfolios that cater to a new generation of residents who value choice and flexibility above being tied down to inflexible long-term leases.

Our comprehensive platform allows you to easily and efficiently manage your short, mid, and long-term leases all in one place, putting you in complete control over every aspect of your portfolio.

Build custom booking journeys befitting of your brand and customer experience, optimise asset utilisation and power performance and ultimately boost NOI. 

Partner with Lavanda to harness the full potential of each building and take your portfolio to the next level.

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What our customers are saying

Delivering better quality flexible rentals
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Short and mid-term stays offer significantly enhanced flexibility to our residents whilst also driving up NOI for the building and supporting the core model of long stays. Our partnership with Lavanda enables us to offer better consumer choice and deliver on our promise of offering flexible, convenient, contemporary urban living.

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Matt Finch, Director, Apo Group

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