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Lavanda PMS contains a complete, integrated marketing suite to supercharge your marketing and sales funnel. Distribute to the most effective channels, design the ideal booking journey, track your advertising spend at every stage and optimise your conversion rates.

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The art of marketing is not just a good campaign and a great customer journey. It is also rooted in the quality of your conversion data. Lavanda helps you track your advertising spend and conversion metrics through every stage in your sales funnel.

Multichannel distribution

Lavanda’s unique approach to distribution allows you to find the optimal mix of channels for each property and target audience. We can help you market to long-term tenants, students, young professionals and short-stay guests directly where each group searches. Lavanda’s channel manager can connect to 400+ different long, medium and short-stay distribution channels.

Not sure which channels to target? Our highly experienced team will help you develop your distribution strategy to maximise your NOI.

Portfolio-level marketing power

Lavanda CRM and suite of marketing tools, including our booking engine, customer journey, and resident portal, can be managed centrally across your entire portfolio or brand, delivering huge power and efficiency to centralised marketing teams.

Lavanda CRM

Lavanda’s integrated CRM means you don’t need a third-party CRM tool in your technology stack – although we play nicely with Salesforce, Hubspot etc. too!

Define your own sales funnel, and automate each stage in detail with powerful messaging automations. Track conversions and drop-offs, manage your waitlist and maintain a coherent customer relationship across all the buildings in your portfolio.

Direct booking website

Your customers and brand deserve better than a generic, one-size-fits-all direct booking website; that’s why we allow you to fully customise the look and feel of your website.

All of our direct booking websites are fully mobile-responsive and built to the highest accessibility standards, so you won’t have to worry about a poor experience for any part of your target audience.

Conversion tracking & analytics

Get rich insight into your marketing and sales funnel, and track and monitor your advertising spend in real-time via Google Analytics and other marketing analytics platforms. Capture the tracking values in your marketing URLs (UTM parameters) for every inbound lead and pull detailed reports of which campaigns, media and sources convert best for your portfolio.

Features & benefits

The power of Lavanda

When you partner with Lavanda the benefits are clear

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Increase NOI
Generate up to 20% in incremental revenue from your apartment portfolio.
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Build your brand
Develop a custom-branded experience that helps you acquire, manage and retain residents.
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Reduce IT spend
Consolidate multiple disparate technologies into one easy-to-use platform.

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Scale your resident experience

Intelligent automations reduce cost whilst ensuring consistency.

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Drive operational efficiencies
Speed time to resolution and reduce the cost of managing maintenance tasks.
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Optimise performance
Make informed business decisions based on real-time analytics and ensure continuous improvement.

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