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Finance & accounting

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual bookkeeping with our best-in-class accounts receivable software. Why bother with multiple apps and services when you can do it all from one easy-to-use platform.

Screenshot of the Lavanda platform. Part of the platform being displayed is Individual Booking Financials

Lavanda's award-winning property management software helps you easily manage every facet of your property portfolio, including finance and accounting.

Powerful invoicing

Built with finance and accounting in mind, invoicing guests with the Lavanda property management software is simple, reliable, flexible and efficient. Lavanda lets you create and store a complete library of invoice templates designed to your specification for every situation and client. In addition, with our complete end-to-end workflow, you can generate and issue invoices automatically.

ERP/FMS Integrations

Lavanda’s Account Receivable accounting platform can fully integrate to most of the world’s leading ERP and financial management systems to ensure a smooth and accurate flow of accounting data and straightforward, reliable reconciliation and reporting processes.

Financial reporting

Lavanda lets you quickly build your own operational and financial reporting dashboards directly within the property management software. Fully integrated with every facet of property management, Lavanda enables you to create flexible billing and invoice cycles (e.g. fortnightly or weekly invoicing), set instalment schedules, and much more.

Automated payments and reconciliation

Automate your payment collection and provide a wide range of additional services, including down payments, deposit handling and more with Lavanda.

Compliant by design

We have carefully studied the invoice and account regulations in every market we enter to ensure the highest levels of compliance. This includes support for things like e-invoicing and automated VAT reporting processes in markets requiring those practices. 

Features & benefits​

The power of Lavanda

When you partner with Lavanda the benefits are clear

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Increase NOI
Generate up to 20% in incremental revenue from your apartment portfolio.
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Build your brand
Develop a custom-branded experience that helps you acquire, manage and retain residents.
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Reduce IT spend
Consolidate multiple disparate technologies into one easy-to-use platform.

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Scale your resident experience

Intelligent automations reduce cost whilst ensuring consistency.

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Drive operational efficiencies
Speed time to resolution and reduce the cost of managing maintenance tasks.
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Optimise performance
Make informed business decisions based on real-time analytics and ensure continuous improvement.

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