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Maximise the performance of your student housing portfolio with Lavanda

Our solutions are designed to optimise asset performance whilst elevating your student experience by making your accommodation more flexible, affordable and accessible.

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Transforming student accommodation with technology

Design, automate and scale a student experience that represents your brand. Manage both term-time leases and short stays from a single unified platform, building both flexibility and resilience into your portfolio.

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We power thriving, happy student communities

Lavanda PMS gives you the toolkit you need to design and scale the next-generation, digital-first resident experience that today’s students expect.

Rent by the day, week, month or academic year

Offer students more flexible leases whilst also being able to optimise the vacant holiday periods with short stays, all from a single unified management system.

Resolve issues faster with real-time support

Intelligent automations speed the resolution of maintenance issues, enable self-service through the tenant portal, and boost residents satisfaction.

Integrated Resident App

Manage your amenities and communicate and engage with your student community via a single integrated resident app.

Maximise performance all year round

Optimising your portfolio has never been easier

With Lavanda’s property management software, you can effortlessly manage and optimise leases for the academic year or short-stay programmes over the summer.

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Property management software

Our next-generation PMS is designed to enhance the student experience and unlock new value for operators both large and small.

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Short stays solution


Partner with Lavanda to deliver high-impact short-stay strategies with confidence, and with zero distraction to your core business. 

Key features & benefits

Our software has been honed through years of industry experience to address the major challenges faced by student accommodation operators.

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Maximise yield

Optimise occupancy and NOI by better capitalising on year-round demand. Fill voids, boost term-time rentals and maximise for summer.

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Software integrations

Extend Lavanda’s core capabilities from a range of powerful integrations with market-leading software and data platforms.

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Trust & safety 
Protect both your student communities and short-stay customers with customisable vetting procedures, and gain the trust needed for repeat rentals or bookings.
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Drive engagement 
Easily communicate with your community from within Lavanda PMS and drive engagement via our dedicated resident app.
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Intelligent automation 
Automate your core workflows inside and outside of term time to simplify the student experience while minimising internal time and resource costs.
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Analytics & insights 
Monitor the performance of your portfolio throughout the year with real-time, actionable insights that integrate with third-party tools like Tableau or Microsoft Power BI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lavanda PMS is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by operators who manage student housing, such as universities, colleges, or private accommodation providers. These challenges and opportunities include:


  • Academic year cycles with vacancies during the summer and holiday periods which offer an opportunity for short-stay programmes to maximise revenue


  • High turnover rates with corresponding inspections, cleaning, and maintenance needs


  • Building a strong sense of community within a new diverse group of residents each year


Lavanda's solution for managing student housing takes these unique factors and more into account. This includes features for flexible lease management allowing for easy transition between term-time leases and short stays. The integrated resident app allows students to access information, communicate with management, and participate in community activities, while powerful automation facilities ensure a smooth and streamlined system for beginning and end-of-tenancy tasks such as deposit management and cleaning and maintenance.

With these capabilities and many more, Lavanda PMS is the best solution for operators with student housing in their property portfolios.

Our solution makes it effortless to switch between term-time leases and short stays. In fact, Lavanda started out in 2015 as a short-term rental operator, so we're well versed in the challenges and requirements of short stays. With our PMS, you can easily switch between the two lease types within the same system to optimise occupancy throughout the year.

Lavanda student property management software offers integration capabilities with other property management systems and data platforms including OTA's like Airbnb,, and SiteMinder, guest experience tools like Auto Host, Chekin, and DocuSign, and access control solutions like KeyCafe, KeyNest, and Smartrate. The software also integrates with data and payment platforms such as PriceLabs, Stripe, and Edicom.

Cloud-based property management software for the management of your student housing portfolio offers a range of benefits, including: 

  • Accessibility: Users can access the system anytime, anywhere, using various devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones.
  • Scalability: Cloud-based solutions can easily scale with the growing needs of your student accommodation portfolio, accommodating an increasing number of properties and users.
  • Data Security: Our cloud-based system provides robust security measures, including data encryption, regular backups, and protection against unauthorised access, helping to safeguard your sensitive information.
  • Integration: Cloud-based systems facilitate seamless integration with other software platforms or third-party applications.

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Driving digital transformation, together
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Our partnership with Lavanda provides our communities with a best-in-class toolkit that allows our buildings to stay agile, respond to emerging trends and offer best value to our student residents. We’re excited to see what the future holds and how this partnership will now develop.

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Rob Moyle, CEO, Collegiate

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