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Booking & leasing

Lavanda takes a unique approach to the booking and leasing journey. We recognise that different markets, verticals and brands require very different approaches. Our workflow automation builder allows us to design a customer journey perfectly suited to your needs.

Screenshot of the Lavanda platform. Part of the platform on show is the Workflow Builder

Work with us to design a set of customer journeys that are perfectly adapted to your assets and market.

Configurable customer journeys

Lavanda is the only PMS on the market that allows you to power multiple different customer journey configurations, even within the same portfolio or building. Blend your traditional multifamily lead-to-lease journey with a short stay booking journey during a lease-up phase or as part of a flexible rental strategy. Power the perfect student booking journey coupled with short-stay hotel booking during the summer weeks. No need for multiple systems and painful manual processes. 

Compliant for all stay lengths in all markets

Lavanda understands the nuances and regulatory strictures of each market we operate in. Need help automating authority reporting in Spain, tourism tax in Italy, or invoicing compliance in Portugal? We have fully optimised solutions for the most challenging compliance problems in every market. 

Fully automated document signing and storage

Lavanda PMS is deeply integrated with DocuSign. Build a complete set of every contract, lease, notice, addendum and agreement in DocuSign and automate the merging of customer data into each one. Send and track signing requests as part of a fully automated workflow. Capture the signatures of multiple signatories and guarantors simultaneously. Store and retrieve signed documents with ease. 

Automate KYC and referencing processes

Lavanda can integrate to any of the tenant referencing and background-checking services on the market with ease. Take all the manual work out of approvals and KYC checks. 

Features & benefits

The power of Lavanda

When you partner with Lavanda the benefits are clear

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Increase NOI
Generate up to 20% in incremental revenue from your apartment portfolio.
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Build your brand
Develop a custom-branded experience that helps you acquire, manage and retain residents.
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Reduce IT spend
Consolidate multiple disparate technologies into one easy-to-use platform.

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Scale your resident experience

Intelligent automations reduce cost whilst ensuring consistency.

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Drive operational efficiencies
Speed time to resolution and reduce the cost of managing maintenance tasks.
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Optimise performance
Make informed business decisions based on real-time analytics and ensure continuous improvement.

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