Meet the team: Lewis, Financial Controller

Join us in this edition of 'In The Spotlight' as we feature Lewis, Lavanda's Financial Controller...
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Welcome to our latest ‘In The Spotlight’ feature, where we peek into the professional journeys and personal interests of our team members at Lavanda. This week, we’re proud to introduce you to Lewis, our Financial Controller, whose strategic acumen and meticulous reporting steer our financial operations.


What’s your role and where does it sit in the business?

I am the company’s Financial Controller, a role that encompasses the entire spectrum of financial responsibilities within Lavanda. Due to the varied nature of the role, I work alongside all departments and business units, providing support in the form of advice and reporting, as well as any other tasks I can assist with to enable the smooth operation of their teams. One of main responsibilities at Lavanda is to provide reporting to various stakeholder groups, such as the Senior Management Team, customers and tax authorities, as well leading the Finance Team on a day-to-day basis.


How does your role contribute to the overall experience and value that Lavanda offers its customers?

Outside of the real-time data within our Property Management Software, the reports that I provide our customers with are their primary source of financial information. These are provided at the start of each month, giving detailed breakdowns of revenues, costs and net income at an asset-level.

I am constantly working on improving the experience that our customers receive when it comes to their interactions with the Lavanda Finance Team, and try to do this through a combination of continually improving and innovating in the way we report, as well as providing them with great customer service. I take great pride in ensuring that the reporting our customers receive is accurate and processed efficiently, and understand the critical role it plays in enabling other external finance teams to operate in a timely and productive manner.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in South East London and have spent nearly all of my career working in Accountancy practices around London and the South East. I’m looking to purchase my first house soon in Kent, which has been a daunting experience to say the least! This has been a long time coming and I’m sure everyone in the office will be glad to hear me stop mentioning it soon!

As for what I like to do outside of work, I enjoy the gym as well as putting together Lego sets, particularly the Star Wars ones. They are a great way to switch your mind off after a long day of number crunching….


What have been your most recent achievements at Lavanda?

My most recent achievement has been finally taking the leap into management. I recently employed our first additional member of the Finance department to assist me with our ever expanding business, and it has been a great learning experience for me.

I have also worked on implementing several large-scale software deployments within the business to enable scale and drive efficiencies. Most recently was one to help manage our SaaS subscription spend as a business, which has been significantly reduced as a result.


What do you most enjoy about working at Lavanda?

The people at Lavanda are the best. It may sound like a corny answer, but it really is the case. Everyone at the company is very friendly and supportive, all working towards a big goal of making Lavanda the best it can be. It helps a lot to work in such a great environment and I’m very happy to have the colleagues I do.

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