Meet the team: Leigham, Head of QA

Meet Leigham, Head of Quality Assurance here at Lavanda, and learn more about his role...
Headshot of Leigham Shearing

What’s your role at Lavanda and where does it sit in the business?

As the Head of QA (Quality Assurance), I have the privilege of leading a talented team of software testers who are integral members of our Engineering teams, contributing to the quality and reliability of our products. My role spans a wide range of responsibilities, from guiding the strategic direction of our testing methodologies to overseeing the implementation and ongoing development of our bug protocol and incident resolution framework.

Serving as a bridge between our customers and our products is an important and rewarding responsibility. When our customers want to vocalise concerns or insights, they find an avenue through me, allowing me to provide our wider team with valuable insights into the product’s current state. In the rare case of critical issues, my primary focus is to promptly communicate with transparency and clarity to our customers, ensuring they are not just informed, but satisfied and engaged with proactive, timely updates that address (and ideally allay!) their concerns.

In essence, my role as the Head of QA not only involves upholding quality and stability but also shaping enduring, positive engagements with our customers, maintaining an environment of open communication, and ensuring our products consistently deliver exceptional experiences.


How does your role contribute to the overall experience and value that Lavanda offers its customers?

The QA guild works shoulder-to-shoulder with our internal teams of developers, product managers, and designers to craft the finest possible product for our customers. This encompasses diverse software testing disciplines  spanning both manual and automated testing. These methods enable us to detect and address defects during our development cycle, preventing them from ever reaching our customers and impacting their experience of our product. The end goal? Ensuring our customers enjoy a smooth experience without encountering any issues.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Outside of Lavanda, I’m mostly spending my spare time either playing video games, watching movies or spending time with friends. One of my main hobbies is Formula 1, I’ve been following it rigorously for the past seven years or so but was a part time fan before that. I’m a big McLaren supporter! I also enjoy theme parks and roller-coasters, with holidays already planned to experience new thrills in the US.



What have been your most recent achievements at Lavanda?

We recently implemented a cutting-edge reporting system for our automated tests. It’s akin to having a bird’s-eye view—shedding light on our successes, identifying areas for enhancement and, most critically, echoing the reliability of our testing framework. Having strong confidence in our automated tests directly correlates with our ability to deliver high-quality software. It’s not just about upholding standards but setting benchmarks, all with a singular vision—offering the Lavanda community an unmatched digital experience.


What do you most enjoy about working at Lavanda?

Everyday seems to bring a new challenge, the chance to grow both professionally and personally, as well as getting to work with some of the most talented and nicest people I have ever met.

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