Meet the team: Jack, Account Executive

Meet Jack, one of our UK Account Executives, and learn more about his role...
Jack Kennedy Headshot

What’s your role at Lavanda and where does it sit in the business?


As an Account Executive at Lavanda, I play a pivotal role in client engagement, acting as the link between our clients and our platform. My duties involve translating the nuances of Lavanda’s services, ensuring clients can fully utilise our platform to meet their needs. This role not only demands a well-rounded understanding of our technology but also requires the ability to translate information into actionable insights for clients.


How does your role contribute to the overall experience and value that Lavanda offers its customers?


By engaging closely with clients, I am well-positioned for gathering feedback, channelling their insights and suggestions back to our wider team. I am directly involved in enhancing the overall experience and value we offer to our customers. This continuous loop of communication ensures that Lavanda’s offerings are not only responsive to the evolving needs of our clients but also ahead of market trends. This focus on customer-centric improvement is integral to Lavanda’s position as an industry leader, contributing directly to the company’s growth and the tangible value we deliver to our clients.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.


Growing up in Cyprus from an early age, the winter weather in London is still taking some getting used to so travelling, especially to warmer destinations, is something I’ll always enjoy! I’m passionate about sports and staying active, a good thing considering my love for food. Football has been a big part of my life; I’ve played for my school and university teams and now proudly represent Lavanda’s 5-a-side team whenever I get the chance. When I’m not travelling or exercising, I enjoy ticking off viral food spots in the city and checking out what’s on in the theatre!


What have been your most recent achievements at Lavanda?


Playing a role in Lavanda’s growth has been a highlight for me. This progress is really a reflection of our solid product and the amazing team we have. It’s rewarding to be part of a team that’s genuinely focused on making a difference for our customers. Seeing the real impact of our work, how it helps our clients in practical ways, has been a true motivator. It’s this shared commitment to our customers that keeps us moving forward, turning challenges into opportunities for improvement and better service.


What do you most enjoy about working at Lavanda?


What I truly appreciate about working at Lavanda is the incredible flexibility and sense of camaraderie among the team. There’s a genuine team spirit, with everyone pulling together towards a common goal, creating a supportive and dynamic work environment that makes every day enjoyable and fulfilling.

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