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Lavanda PMS is an open platform with a fast-growing marketplace of third-party integrations and apps from long-term PMS platforms, channel managers, OTAs, revenue management tools and more.


Take control and expand with Airbnb, and 100’s of partners through SiteMinder

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 Lavanda is an Airbnb Certified Integration for Partner with full and deep integration to Airbnb API. Our integration not only syncs rates and availability with Airbnb but also allows for a full push of property content and configuration and fully supports two-way integration of guest messaging via our Unified Inbox. Take your centralised management of Airbnb listings to the next level. logo

Lavanda is a Certified Integration Partner with deep integration to various APIs. In addition to syncing rates and availability, we push property content, rate plans, and configuration and push and pull guest messages in real-time. 

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Lavanda’s integration with SiteMinder’s hotel commerce solution, we are enabled 250+OTA integrations (albeit rates and availability sync only).

Guest experience

Power and extend a user experience your guests love with these tools...

Auto host

The auto host is a guest-screening and automation platform for fast-growing hospitality companies. Using machine learning and behavioural checks, Autohost created a scalable process to review your guests and keep your priorities safe.

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Chekin automated and digitised all the steps of the check-in process, from the booking confirmation to the checkout process.

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You can have your Intercom account and the widget on your Direct Booking Website to allow your website visitors to message you directly with any questions you might have. The responses will need to be entirely managed by your team on Intercom.


Duve is a platform to manage every aspect of your guest experience and communication.

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Our DocuSign integration is a part of the resident portal journey. We can help you build dynamic and automated contracts with DocuSign, completed as part of the guest onboarding process. They can be used for leases, contracts, guarantors and more.

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Access control

From keyless entry solutions to lock boxes, we have you covered

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Automate access to physical keys on-site or at hundreds of key exchange locations.

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Simple and secure critical exchange solutions for Airbnb hosts, serviced apartment operators, and estate agents.


Our integration with SmartRent allows you to use their smart locks on your property and send access codes at the right time, to the right guest, for the right unit reducing the pressures on customer services in your building with keyless entry.


Dynamic pricing tools to help ensure you are pricing correctly for your market


Manage prices and availability easily with data-driven insights and automation rules.

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Integrate with Stripe to take payments from directly within your PMS or in your resident portal app.

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Our Edicom integration currently supports electronic VAT compliance in Spain and is expanding to other regions where the tax authorities expect real-time / near-to-real-time VAT invoice reporting. Additionally, we will incorporate e-Invoicing in regions that enforce this for specific transactions.

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Yardi Voyager

Our Yardi accounting integration uses Yardi’s journal import mechanism via a secure FTP. We are able to pass sales invoices, payments, refunds and general journals via our ledger mapping logic which is customisable to match your chart of accounts and accounting treatment policies automatically. This will enable you to manage sales invoices, debt reporting, payment allocation and revenue recognition using the power of the Lavanda PMS and control and reconcile bank accounts, accounts receivable and deferred/accrued income balances in Yardi.

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