Lavanda’s Insights from Smart Student Living 2024

One of the highlights was our presentation on AI's impact in student accommodation...
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At the Smart Student Living 2024 Forum, organised by The Class Foundation, Lavanda connected with innovators within the student accommodation sector. We attended to contribute to discussions on future trends within the industry and network with our peers and clients. 


Innovative Approach to AI in Student Accommodation


One of the key highlights was our workshop presentation, focusing on artificial intelligence’s impact on student accommodation. We showcased the capabilities of Klarna AI, demonstrating its efficiency in performing tasks equivalent to 700 human agents, while maintaining customer satisfaction levels comparable to those achieved through human interaction. Our presentation illustrated the potential applications of AI in marketing, tenant screening, and automated communication, emphasising the efficiency and personalisation AI can bring to student accommodation services.


Addressing Challenges and Opportunities


Our presentation also tackled the challenges associated with integrating AI into the sector, including the potential loss of personal interaction, the risk of over-reliance on automation, and job displacement concerns. Lavanda advocates for a balanced approach to AI adoption, focusing on augmenting rather than replacing human capabilities and emphasising the strategic use of AI tools to enhance service quality and operational efficiency.


Networking and Collaboration


The forum provided a valuable platform to connect with clients and industry colleagues. Our team, led by Ben McGee (VP of Sales), Steve Turner (Implementation Director), and Ludovico Busetti (Expansion Manager for Southern Europe), had the opportunity to discuss our service offerings and build relationships. We look forward to strengthening these connections in the future.


Future Outlook


Participating in the Smart Student Living 2024 Forum reinforced our commitment to developing innovative solutions within student accommodation. It highlighted the potential of AI to significantly enhance the efficiency and personalisation of services offered to students. As we move forward, Lavanda remains dedicated to leveraging technology to improve the student living experience, while also being mindful of the challenges and ensuring that our approach enhances human interaction rather than diminishing it.


Our experience at the forum has energised our efforts to continue contributing to the development of smarter, more inclusive student accommodation solutions. Lavanda is eager to lead in the application of technology to enhance the quality of student living, balancing innovation with a commitment to preserving the personal touch that is essential to the student experience.

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