Understanding short term rental demand

Over a series of 4 articles, we look at why short stays are key for student accommodation portfolios...
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How to Optimise Portfolios with Short Stays – Part 1: understanding short-term rental demand

Over a series of 4 articles, we look at why short stays are a key part of the mix for student accommodation portfolios, when and where they are able to transform a building’s economics with accretive NOI, and how to ensure your short stay strategy delivers maximum value to all stakeholder groups.

Part 1: Understanding short-term rental demand
Part 2: The case for short stays in tier 2 and tier 3 cities
Part 3: How short stays create value for student accommodation buildings designated for student-only occupancy
Part 4: Short stay best practices for student accommodation operators

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A rapidly growing market segment

Following a couple of years of pandemic turmoil, the European short-term rental industry is regaining its swagger. And that’s good news for the student accommodation sector.

Having declined by 33% in 2020, the European short-term rental market is now predicted to fully recover to pre-pandemic levels in 2023.”

Gross bookings are expected to skyrocket to €44.3 billion in 2025, growing by an impressive 8.7% YoY over the next two years. With demand for flexible, on-demand accommodation expected to soar, this is a trend that shows zero sign of abating. Quite the opposite in fact. As high inflation and the rising cost of living squeezes affordability, both consumers and businesses are expected to seek increasingly cost-effective forms of accommodation, accelerating demand for non-hotel inventory.

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