Meet the team: Nicole Gelb, Product Marketing Manager

Nicole Gelb is Product Marketing Manager at Lavanda. She moved to the UK from Tel Aviv...
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Nicole Gelb is Product Marketing Manager at Lavanda. She moved to the UK from Tel Aviv, Israel to join the team and spent some time with us to talk through the integral role she plays in marketing our PMS platform, as well as share some details about her personal and professional background.

What’s your role and where does it sit in the business?

As Product Marketing Manager, my role is primarily to oversee the creation and distribution of promotional campaigns for key products and features in our PMS platform. With a strong understanding of the product’s target audience and an in-depth knowledge of all the key product features, my job is to package the product up in a manner that can be easily digested by existing customers and potential prospects. I work as a liaison between the Product and Marketing teams, as well as Sales, Customer Success, Design and Engineering to ensure optimal and consistent communication of our product.

How does your role contribute to the overall experience and value that Lavanda offers its customers?

I have a strong background in marketing as well as public relations and communications and have mainly worked at high-tech companies. I’ve previously worked for companies in the short-term rental management space, so have deep knowledge and understanding of an important part of the market in which we operate. This experience helps me understand the intricacies of our product and package up our solutions in the most meaningful way for customers so that they can easily understand the value they create for their business.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and received my degree from the Pennsylvania State University, following which I spent a year in New York City and then moved to Tel Aviv where I have lived and worked for the last three and a half years. I was privileged in my first job in Israel to work with some key players in the short-term rental industry, and most recently I worked as Product Marketing Manager for a high-tech company.

Having the opportunity to live and work in the world’s hottest and most innovative tech hub, Tel Aviv, which has earned the name Startup Nation, has shaped my professional career as a tech product marketer. In my free time, I like to take long walks with my husky-malamute Oscar, practice yoga, and explore London. I also love to travel and am very excited by the prospect of Europe being on my doorstep!

What have been your most recent achievements at Lavanda?  

I’ve only very recently joined the Lavanda team, but am optimistic that with this incredible team and deeply intuitive product I will find my feet quickly and begin to contribute meaningfully to the tasks we want to tackle this quarter and beyond.

What do you most enjoy about working at Lavanda?

From my first impressions, the people here are warm, passionate, and incredibly intelligent. I can see that I will be able to shape my role and will have the chance to play a key part in the wider business.  I am keen to be challenged day in and day out and I’m excited to have joined Lavanda at a pivotal moment in its growth. I cannot wait to start contributing to the wonderful trajectory Lavanda is heading towards!

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